Frequent Questions

Our Frequently Asked Questions section addresses common inquiries from patients. If you have other questions, please contact us after you have read all the information on our website.

Do you offer maternity services in cities like Chicago, New York, San Diego, Miami, Houston, or other locations across the United States of America?

Unfortunately, we only provide our maternity service in El Paso, Texas. We do not have information about, and are unable to endorse, maternity services tailored for self-pay and international patients in cities outside of El Paso, Texas.

Can I lose my visa if I have my baby in the United States of America?

No. Unless you do not pay your medical bill, you cannot lose your visa for delivering your baby in the United States of America. If you do not pay your medical bill, your account will be reported as delinquent, and your visa can be denied or canceled upon renewal or re-entry since a delinquent account contradicts any proof of economic solvency that you provide.

Is it legal to give birth in the United States of America?

Yes, giving birth in the United States, also known as Birthright Citizenship or jus soli, is legal. It is a right guaranteed under the Fourteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. The Fourteenth Amendment ensures that anyone born within the country’s territory is granted citizenship, without considering the nationality of the parents.

At our clinic, we provide obstetric care to foreign patients, but we do not support individuals who enter the United States of America without proper documentation (passport/visa). While medical (birth/maternity) tourism is legal, and your pregnancy is not a reason for denial of entry, it is essential to demonstrate economic solvency to cover your medical expenses. While full payment for our service is not required upon enrollment, we do offer this option should proof of payment be necessary.

To access further information regarding this topic, click here.

Can I have my baby in the United States, given President Trump’s new rules regarding birth tourism?

Yes. Previously, in countries where visas were only approved for short periods, applicants would apply for a tourist visa for the express purpose of delivering their baby when they were already pregnant. It is still legal to deliver your baby in the United States, provided that childbirth was not the purpose for which you applied for your visa. Birth citizenship is still protected under the constitution for all individuals regardless of their nationality.

Upon entry to the United States, it is crucial to be truthful to the interviewing officer regarding your intention to deliver your baby and present all necessary documentation.

I do not have a visa. Can you help with the application process?

We provide a medical service, we do not provide immigration counseling, and we will not contact the U.S. Embassy on your behalf. Furthermore, it is necessary to have a visa or to be able to legally enter the United States to schedule your appointment. If you do not meet these requirements, please do not contact us; our service is not intended for you.

Can you call me on my phone or contact me via WhatsApp to answer my questions?

We do not make calls; if you have any questions, you can call us at (915) 209-2059 after reading all the information on our website, including this “Frequently Asked Questions” section and the first email we send after filling out the form in the “Contact” section of our website. Because it is necessary to understand how we provide our service, calls that contain questions mentioned in these resources will be referred to these sources of information. Having your baby in the United States of America is an important decision as it involves the possibility of changing your child’s future, and as such, it is necessary that you are informed on the topic.

My baby bump is showing; can I be denied entry to the United States of America because of my pregnancy?

No, your pregnancy itself is not a basis for denial of entry to the United States of America. However, it’s crucial to maintain honesty when interacting with immigration officers. Always provide truthful answers if asked about your pregnancy or any other questions. Additionally, it’s important to note that a lack of financial resources can potentially affect your entry. To address this concern, be ready to offer supporting evidence, such as having adequate cash to cover your delivery expenses or pre-paying your medical bills and providing the corresponding receipts.

Do you provide any document that confirms or supports my appointment and assists me upon entering the United States?

Yes, once you have registered and received confirmation of your appointment, you will receive an acceptance letter. This letter serves as confirmation of your appointment to avoid any complications when entering the United States. In addition to this document, it is also important to demonstrate that you have the financial means to cover the amount specified in the letter. This can be shown by having the money in cash, prepaying a portion of the medical service, and/or presenting a recent bank statement.

What should I inform the immigration officer is my purpose for visiting to the United States of America?

Never lie to any officer regarding your intention to give birth in the United States of America. Carry all your medical documentation and be ready to provide proof that you are able to pay your medical fees (cash or receipt if you have pre-paid your medical bills). It is also important to note that immigration officers generally grant permission to the visitor for the amount of time needed to accomplish the purpose of their visit.

Is it safe to travel when pregnant?

Yes, although, if you are traveling to the United States of America because your pregnancy is deemed “high risk” and you are seeking a higher standard of care than is available in your country, it is important to arrive with ample time so we can address your medical situation. Please be aware that the prices listed on our website are for normal non-complicated delivery. High-risk pregnancies and births with complications may require additional fees. All patients should request a medical certificate (fit to fly letter) from their doctor to ensure they are in good health and able to travel.

I want to give birth in the United States of America. What is the process to deliver my baby at your medical center?

You must complete the form in this website’s contact section and pay a non-refundable enrollment fee of $150 at least two weeks before you arrive. You will need to provide us with the exact date of your arrival in El Paso, Texas, and enter the United States of America legally (visa or other U.S. permit). The remaining medical fees can be made ​​in person upon your first medical appointment. It is important to have your appointment scheduled before you arrive in El Paso, Texas; otherwise, we cannot guarantee a consultation.

Can I arrive without an appointment and pay the enrollment upon arrival?

Unfortunately, we do not accept patients without prior appointment. Since we do not accept walk-ins, it is essential to be enrolled before you arrive since we will not be held responsible if we are unable to see you due to a lack of available time slots upon your arrival. Also, there are patients who, although they have an appointment with us, never arrive during the hour that their appointment was scheduled. In these cases, the appointment is billed from the enrollment fee. Ultimately, we do not see patients who have not enrolled. No exceptions.

What is the latest that you accept patients?

We accept patients at any time, however, arriving just a few days before your due date may limit our availability to accommodate you due to limited space. Therefore, we advise scheduling your appointment in advance. Additionally, arriving close to your due date increases the possibility that your baby may not be born in the United States if they are born before your scheduled arrival.

Is it safe to fly during the later stages of pregnancy?

If you’re planning to fly internationally within the last four weeks of your pregnancy, we recommend reviewing the airline’s specific policies for expectant mothers and obtaining a medical certificate from your gynecologist. This will help avoid potential complications when boarding your flight. Some airlines have restrictions for pregnant passengers on international flights, typically limiting pregnancies to 36 weeks. It’s crucial to contact your airline to understand their policies regarding pregnant travelers.

Can I schedule/induce my baby’s birth before 40 weeks? Is there an extra cost for this?

Births that occur before 39 weeks are considered pre-term. We can schedule your baby’s delivery at 39 weeks without any additional charges. Unless there’s a medical necessity, inductions or Caesarean sections are typically not performed before the 39th week of pregnancy unless it’s a multiple pregnancy (twins, triplets, etc.). However, we recommend that patients arrive before 39 weeks in case of premature birth.

Can my husband be present during the delivery?

Yes, even in the case of a cesarean section, he can be present. Additionally, one person can stay in your room 24 hours a day.

Can​​ I choose my doctor? Can I choose a female doctor?

Selecting the doctor is not possible since the doctor is assigned depending on the date of the patient’s arrival and the availability of the physicians on that day. Also, although there are female doctors on staff, we cannot guarantee that a female doctor will be assigned to your case, nevertheless, all doctors are bilingual in English and Spanish and are certified by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Can I speak with the doctor before my arrival?

Unfortunately, doctors do not speak with patients prior to arrival. We take medical responsibility upon your arrival and only when initiating your prenatal care. Additionally, it is illegal to provide any kind of medical diagnosis or recommendation without first physically seeing the patient. If you have any non-medical questions, you can call us once you have read all the information on our website, including the “Frequently Asked Questions” section and the initial email we send when you fill out the form in the “Contact” section of our website.

What area of the city should I book my accommodation?

We have several locations in El Paso, the specific clinic you’ll be assigned to depends on availability for the date you provide when enrolling. It’s crucial to wait until you have your appointment scheduled and know the location of your clinic before making accommodation arrangements.

My husband cannot be present, is it possible for my baby to bear his father’s surname if he can’t accompany me to the United States?

In the United States, children can have any surname, not necessarily that of the father. Therefore, it’s not required for the father to be present for the child to have his surname, or even a combination of both the father’s and mother’s surnames.

Are my baby’s vaccines and PKU test included in the package?

Yes, the package covers the Hepatitis vaccine and the initial PKU test for your baby.

How much does it cost to have my baby in the United States of America?

The total cost of our medical service for all self-pay/non-insured patients (U.S. Citizens and Non-U.S. Citizens) is $6,643 for vaginal delivery and $8,168 for Caesarean delivery. Price includes doctors’ fees (obstetric, pediatric, anesthetic), hospitalization, and anesthesia (epidural).

Can I get a letter of acceptance from your medical center as proof of the purpose of my visit for presentation at my Port of Entry?

Yes. After you have enrolled, we will send you a letter of acceptance (sent in PDF format for you to print). No hard copy of the letter is provided.

Please note: A letter of acceptance does not guarantee entry to the United States of America. This decision is made at the discretion of the officer after reviewing all your documentation. Please, note that we offer a medical service and do not provide immigration advice. The best advice is to be honest, polite, and humble to any interviewing officer.

How long does it take to receive my baby’s passport?

After you have received your baby’s birth certificate, you can apply to expedite your passport at the El Paso Passport Agency located approximately 10 minutes away from the hospital. Receiving your baby’s passport may take 1-3 days.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept credit cards (from most countries) and bank wire transfers. Once at our clinic, we will only accept cash payments. Your balance must be paid in full during your first medical appointment with us.

Is it possible to receive a payment receipt by prepaying my medical bill before coming to the United States of America?

Yes. If you wish to pay your medical bill before arriving, let us know, and we can assist you and send proof of payment (all receipts are in PDF format). Pre-payment is an optional service we provide to patients who want a receipt to use as proof of economic solvency at the port-of-entry. Although no document can guarantee your entry to the United States of America, showing your medical receipts may help in providing proof of your intent and ability to cover your medical expenses.

Can you provide a zero balance letter after my delivery?

After your delivery and upon confirming that all payments have been made, we can provide a zero balance letter upon request. This letter is recommended since it states that your account is paid in full and that no government programs or Medicaid were used to offset your medical bills. This letter is recommended when patients are renewing their visas.

Do you offer a discount if I pre-pay my medical bill?

No. Our medical service is specialized for international patients, all possible discounts are already included, and no additional discounts are available. Pre-payment is an optional service we provide to patients who wish to have a receipt to be used as an aid for proof of economic solvency at the port-of-entry.

Do you offer a refund of my pre-payment if my trip is canceled or my baby is born before arriving to the United States of America?

Yes. A refund is available for your pre-payment (before your first appointment) minus a bank transaction and cancelation fee of $149. No refund is available once the doctor has seen the patient.

Do you help process the birth certificate and social security card?

Yes, the processing of both documents is included in the service, and this is done before you leave the hospital after the delivery.

Is it possible to receive my baby’s birth certificate in another city?

Yes. Contact VitalChek, and they can help send you a government-issued birth certificate for your baby.

Do you offer payment plans for your childbirth service?

We do not offer our services on credit; however, we have an optional pre-payment program that allows you to make payments before your delivery.

As a foreigner, is there any help for my delivery offered by the government of the United States of America?

No. Services offered by the government are for citizens of the United States of America only. It is essential not to ask for any public assistance since this can be a reason to cancel or refuse the renewal of your visa. All payments are due upon arrival, before your delivery, to avoid the use of any type of government programs such as Medicaid, CHIP, etc., that are not intended for international patients.

How far in advance should I arrive before my expected date of delivery?

The date of arrival is a personal decision. We try to limit the time you need to be present in El Paso, Texas; however, each case is different, and preferences due to circumstances between each person vary. Historically, the vast majority of patients arrive three weeks before the due date, but we can see you at any time after 36 weeks as long as we are notified and you have an appointment.

Do your services include consultations, and if so, how many consultations are provided?

Yes, our services do include consultations. The number of consultations you receive depends on the timing of your arrival in El Paso, Texas. Typically, patients are scheduled for 1-3 consultations, as most arrive 1-3 weeks prior to their expected delivery date. Patients arriving before 36 weeks of pregnancy may incur an additional fee of $70 for each additional week (not per consultation) due to the increased medical responsibility and the need for supplementary consultations. Additionally, a postnatal consultation is also included in our service.

Can I pay for just one prenatal check-up before enrolling or before starting my prenatal care?

No, due to legal issues related to medical liability, our maternity package is a comprehensive service, and all appointments from the moment of your arrival are included. We only receive patients with appointments who are starting their prenatal care at the end of their pregnancy. Although it is possible to see you before week 36, as mentioned in the previous question, there is an additional fee of $70 per week before week 36. This fee, along with all fees, must be paid in full at your first appointment, with no exceptions.

Is episiotomy included in the price package? What about anesthesia/epidural?

Yes, both episiotomy and anesthesia/epidural are included in the price package.

How long after the birth of my baby can I return home?

Pediatricians usually recommend babies are at least one week old before traveling by plane. At the same time, at least one week is prudent for the recovery of the patient.

Are my lodging accommodations arranged through your medical center?

No. We only provide the medical service related to your delivery; therefore, you are responsible for arranging your own accommodation. Furthermore, we do not provide recommendations for accommodations since budgets and preferences vary among individuals.  Please visit our about page for the most popular accommodations amongst our guests.

I filled out the form on your website. Why didn’t I receive an email?

Some email providers mark our confirmation emails as spam or block them completely. You can check your spam folder to see if the email arrived there. If you are not able to find it there, you can email us at and provide us with an alternate email where we can contact you, preferably using Gmail and avoiding Hotmail, Outlook, and Yahoo emails.

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